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The Passion of Innovation


Engineering | Design | Fabrication

What We Do

Our team members have more than 30 years in mechanical epquiment products



It's our strenght! We have more than  30 years of experience in mobile equipment. From the adaptation of a existing vehicule to a development from the scratch, we master our art. 

Lifting equipment

We like to take new challenges. We have developped an expertise in the conception/fabrication non-standard lifting equipment.

Industrial and mining equipment

We work with mining and industrial compagny all around the world since many years. We have learned to create tailored solution for there specifics needs.

What We Do

How We Do

High class technology for more durable and productive products


We use most advanced technology to assure that what we built, will work for you.


In each conception, our industrial designer make sure that all human interactions are optimised. 


We have our own fabrication shop with paint chamber



Our team work with business in USA, Australia, Canada

How We Do

Tri-Axes Advantages

Better products must be considered in your return of investment

We take advantage of newest tecnologies, and that's have a cost. However, the gain in productivity will be larger!


  • Engineering and simulation driven design allow to validate virtually all the aspect of the equipment before starting the fabrication

  • By working with a industrial designer, we will not only made "more beautiful", it will also be more efficient for the operator who use it many hours by days. Better productivity!

  • We analyse all the security aspect in order of the available standard for your country. The result is a more secured machine that keep your worker away of possible injuries. 

Tri-Axes Advatages

Contact Us

Headquarter and Engineering office


275 rue Principale

St-Nazaire-du-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec

G0W 2V0, Canada

Contact : Michael Page, ing.

email :

Phone : 1-418-376-7468

Fabrication plant


915 Tanguay

Alma, Quebec

G8B 5Y2, Canada

Contact : Saska Zanchetti

email :

Phone : 1-418-487-4582

Contact Us
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